Yo Dabba Dabba - Mini E-nail Kit

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Wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about how long a nail should be torched or how long to let it cool down? Make that stress-free life a reality with Yo Dabba Dabba’s Mini eNail.

Simply plug it into the wall, set the temperature anywhere between 220 and 990 degrees Fahrenheit and dab on! Mini eNails comes with a digital display box that shows the temperature, a power cord, a heating coil, and an all-in-one titanium or titanium/quartz hybrid nail that will fit any joint. Made from grade 2 titanium, which contains no harmful chemicals and won’t corrode no matter how frequently it’s used, this nail is virtually indestructible. Users can manually set the temperature of the nail in five-degree increments and, in less than a minute and a half, the Mini eNail will reach temperatures of 700 degrees Fahrenheit and stay heated until everyone has dabbed.

Warranty: A six-month warranty is included with the coil, while the display box comes with a one-year warranty. (click here)


- 14mm - 90° - 25mm quartz banger 

- Mini E-nail Included with power cord and Coil