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🔥 Introducing Our Newest Edition to The Spaceout Torch Line: Flashback Torch Gray 🔥

Are you ready to ignite your nostalgia and unleash a world of fun and creativity? Look no further than our one-of-a-kind Flashback Torch Gray! This isn’t just any ordinary torch – it’s a whimsical masterpiece inspired by the vibrant world of cartoons.

Key Features:

🔮 Hidden Glycerin Storage Case: Keep your secret stash concealed while staying organized. Our torch includes a built-in glycerin storage case to hold your leaves with ease.

🔥 Adjustable Flame Intensity: Whether you need a gentle flicker or a blazing blaze, our torch lets you control the flame intensity for all your creative endeavors.

🍃 Stainless Steel Tip: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the stainless steel tip ensures a long-lasting and efficient experience.

🎉 Cartoon-Inspired Torch Stand: Elevate your torch with a stand that brings your favorite cartoon characters to life! A playful touch that adds an extra dose of joy to your setup.

🎨 Nostalgic and Fun Design: Transport yourself back to the golden days of animated adventures with our torch’s unique design. It’s a delightful trip down memory lane. We understand the love and passion of cartoon enthusiasts, and our torch is a tribute to your vibrant community.

Unleash Your Creativity!

Whether you’re a fan of classic cartoons or modern animations, our Flashback Torch Gray is a must-have accessory for any cartoon and/or torch lover. It’s not just a torch; it’s a conversation starter, a creative tool, and a cherished piece of nostalgia rolled into one.

🎁 Perfect for Gifts! 🎁

Looking for a unique and unforgettable gift? Our Flashback Torch Gray is sure to light up the faces of friends, family, and fellow animation aficionados. Make birthdays, holidays, and special occasions truly memorable.

👉 Get Yours Today! 👈

Don’t miss out on the chance to own this captivating piece of nostalgia. Click the link below to order your very own Ultimate Flashback Torch Gray now!

🌟 Ignite Your Imagination with Every Flame! 🌟

Order Yours Here:

Get ready to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures!

If you have any questions about the torch, our warranty, or wholesale opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call (888)842-6697 Ext: 1 or 2 (9am-4pm PST).

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**Please note that butane is not included with the torch**


  • Keep out of children use.
  • This is not a toy.
  • Butane gas is NOT included.
  • This torch is used for butane gas only.
  • Keep torch away from eyes all times. Never point the torch at flammable objects or persons.
  • Store torch in a cool dry location away from sunlight.
  • Never store torch at temperatures above 104F (40C).
  • Never attempt to modify torch in anyway to repair or make altercations to the torch which can cause bodily harm.
  • Make sure torch is always cool before moving or storing it.
  • Never puncture or damage the container.
  • Stainless steel tip gets extremely hot during and after use. Ensure that it is cooled down properly.