Hometown Hero - D9 + Kava Chocolate Bar

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Prepare to be immersed in two waves of deep relaxation. As you take your first bite, your tastebuds will feel the tingling caress from Kava, followed by the uplifted mood, contentment, and full-bodied tranquility that has made this plant a staple among many indigenous peoples in the South Pacific. Enveloped in rich, decadent dark chocolate, you would never guess that kava's name comes from the Tongan and Marquesan word for "bitter."

As time passes, you will experience greater depths of bright euphoria, serene calmness, and physical comfort from the synergy of Delta-9 THC, Kava, and the Omega-3s working in unison. It's a tropical getaway infused into an artisan-crafted indulgence. This bar contains 160mg Delta-9 and 400mg Kava divided into eight 20mg/50mg squares